A Beginner’s SEO Tutorial

Search engine optimization techniques are a collection of methods used to index websites in search engines and ensure that websites get internet traffic. Optimizing websites can increase result in increased revenue in various ways. People who choose to optimize websites usually sell products or services on their website; however, there are many other ways to earn revenue by using SEO techniques. This SEO tutorial will help you understand how to use SEO to improve your online revenue.

SEO techniques involve using both on page methods and off page methods. Each of these methods is crucial and both these techniques have to be used while optimizing websites. On page SEO techniques include using keywords, tags, headers, footers and back links. While using on page techniques, one must remember that using the right number of keywords or tags is as crucial as using the right type of keywords and tags. This means that the website in question should use content that has limited number of keywords and tags. The approved keyword density is between 1-3% however some people are known to use a keyword density of 4%. Off page SEO techniques include using anchor text, link building techniques and paid links. Using anchor text to promote websites is also part of off page SEO techniques.

There are various tools available that are offered to users who are interested in promoting their websites. These tools include but are not limited to Keyword Discovery, Keyword Volume and Back link Trackers. These tools can help you understand your requirements and can help you achieve your goals. These tools can also help you save time and get results in as less as a week. best link tracker

SEO Tutorial Tip #1 – Purchasing the number one sponsored link on Google AdWords is part of promoting websites but this is not part of search engine optimization. Creating back links that link to various reputed websites is part of search engine optimization and this can indeed increase your website’s ranking on Google.

SEO Tutorial Tip #2 – This SEO tutorial encourages users to opt for the slow and steady method of using white hat optimization techniques since these techniques ensure that the selected website gets indexed and stays indexed as long as the user optimizes his website from time to time. Social indicators are becoming increasingly important in indicating a website’s importance. Therefore adding your website to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and encouraging readers to share your articles on these sites will have a positive impact on your SEO rankings.

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